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Ensimag's curriculum

Training is organized according to the « 1+2 » schema to maintain compatibility with the LMD model. After one first common year (90%), student choose a specialization wherein he will attend a business-oriented training in an area according to the main school direction.

Year 1
(3rd year undergraduate studies - L3)
Year 2
(1st year graduate studies - M1)
Year 3
(2nd year graduate studies - M2)
Year 4
S1 S2 S3 S4 S5* S6 S7
et/ou S8*

Common core
< - - - - Graduate specializations - - - - >  
Financial Engineering
Information Systems Engineering
Mathematical Modeling, Vision, Graphics and Simulation
(Ensimag & Phelma)
< - - - - Masters' programmes - - - - >
Master of Science in Industrial
and Applied Mathematics
Master of Science in Informatics
Master Cybersecurity
Master Operations Research Combinatorics
and Optimization
Other Masters
< - - - - Double diploma - - - - >
Additional diploma
in collaboration with IAE, GEM, IEP

For Ensimag's engineering students, semester 5 can be attended :
Double diploma can extend time at school by one or two semesters.
Refer to different offered double diploma for more details.

Written by Gregory Vazquez

Date of update January 16, 2017

Communauté Université Grenoble Alpes
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