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Grenoble INP

Mastering Information Technology

The "Grandes Écoles" Quality Engineering Education

Information Systems Engineering

Admission requirements

This graduate specialization is open to Grenoble INP - Ensimag students after their final year of bachelor studies.
Admission as a regular student of the two-year curriculum is open to foreign candidates holding a bachelor's degree. This leads to the French Diplôme d'Ingénieur Grenoble INP - Ensimag (Master of Science in Engineering) degree.
It is also open to exchange and double-degree students from Ensimag's partner universities.

Overview and career opportunities

This branch is associated with careers at the centre of software and information systems technologies.
These careers include information systems architect, software project manager, network administrator and computer security and quality expert.  One of the major careers open to graduates is large scale information systems designer.
The second year of the branch allows students to specialize in one of three different fields:
  • Complex systems architecture
  • Security
  • Information systems

Courses taught in English

Each year some courses will be offered in English. Information about such courses will be updated on our website.

The End of Studies Project

The second semester of the final year of studies is dedicated to this project (30 ECTS credits) which can be performed either in a research laboratory or in industry.
Through this final project, the student, as a full-time member of a working team, is able to synthesize the knowledge he or she has acquired and put it into practice in a professional context. The student is involved in a full-scale project. The results are presented in a project report to a committee made up of professionals and Ensimag Faculty members.

Application procedure and deadlines

Join us!
  • As a regular student following the 3 year curriculum Web-based application
    Deadline: early June, with notification of  results  in early July
  • As an exchange student for one or two semesters. Your university must have signed an exchange agreement with Grenoble INP - Ensimag
  • As a double-degree student (in the framework of double-degree bilateral agreements)
  • As a research intern in a research laboratory. Exchange student application forms submitted no later than
    • May 1st for an arrival in September (first semester)
    • November 15th for an arrival in February (our second semester)
    • at least three months before arrival for internships

Written by Patrice Uvietta

Date of update March 20, 2017

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