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Grenoble INP
Master the technology that benefits the people

From the director

Ensimag at the heart of the information society

Top French educational institution in Informatics, Applied Mathematics and Telecommunications, pioneer in the field of information processing, Ensimag evolves to remain the reference in this field.
The strong connexion between Mathematics and Informatics leads to the teaching of high level engineers. They are able to understand and master, during their whole professional career, the complexity of the tasks and the evolution of the systems.


Why study at Ensimag ?

  • Become a highly regarded engineer in information technology and receive a competitive degree from a school renowned in France and abroad.
  • Live in the French Silicon Valley in a high density area of universities, research laboratories and high-tech companies such as STMicroelectronics, Hewlett Packard, Cap Gemini, etc.
  • Discover the French culture and learn the French language in a spectacular natural environment renowned for skiing and mountain activities
  • A degree from Ensimag is your key to a successful career.
Find out how the Ensimag students integrate into the business world.

How to apply at Ensimag

  • Publié le 01/07/2016
    There are several ways to study at Ensimag: as a regular student, an exchange student, a double degree student or a research intern.
  • Publié le 03/03/2011
    Grenoble is a major high tech city in France, sometimes referred to as the French Silicon Valley and home to 18,000 jobs in Information Technology. Moreover, it has recently been hailed as the world wide innovative center in micro and nanotechnology and embedded systems.

Written by Patrice Uvietta

Date of update September 13, 2016

Communauté Université Grenoble Alpes
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