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Master of Science in Engineering

Students are admitted to Ensimag after two years of undergraduate studies.  Studies at Ensimag are of three years' duration and lead to the French degree "Diplôme National d'Ingénieur Grenoble INP-Ensimag" (equivalent to a Master's degree).

The scientific education provided by Ensimag is based on the following concepts:
  • a student may specialise either in Applied Mathematics, in Informatics or in Telecommunications, but all students receive an advanced education in both Informatics and Applied Mathematics.
  • a good balance between practical training and theoretical concepts is achieved through the diversity of the teaching staff.
  • Ensimag trains engineers who master the concepts and analytic techniques necessary to address problems, and the practical skills necessary to implement and evaluate solutions.

Graduate specializations offered at Ensimag

Students can specialize in one of the following engineering fields:

Financial Engineering
  • Mathematics and Informatics for Finance
  • Computer Systems for Finance
Information Systems Engineering    
  • Architecture of Complex Systems
  • Security
  • Information Systems
Mathematical modeling, Vision, Graphics and Simulation
  • Modeling, Calculus,  Simulation,
  • Images, Virtual Reality and Multimedia
  • Decision-making
  • Bio-informatics
  • Security and Cryptology of Information Systems
Embedded systems and software
  • Software, hardware  and systems for embedded and intelligent applications
  • High level modeling, virtual prototyping and validation of complex systems
  • Control theory and informatics
Internet Services and Connected Devices
  • Information and Communication, Technologies and services
  • Networks

Alternatively students can opt during their final year for a research-oriented curriculum in the following fields:
  • Graphics, vision and robotics
  • Applied mathematics
  • Operations research, discrete mathematics, optimization
  • Bioinformatics
  • Information systems management
  • Signal, image, speech, and telecom
  • Micro and nano technologies
  • Software, databases, informations systems
  • Artificial intelligence and the web
  • Parallel, distributed and embedded systems
  •  Interactive and ubiquitous systems
  • Cryptology, security

Studies at Ensimag conclude with a full-term end of studies project, either in industry or in one of the many research laboratories in the area.

Written by Patrice Uvietta

Date of update November 12, 2015

Communauté Université Grenoble Alpes
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