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TANDEM Project

What is the aim of the TANDEM project?

To create links betwen local and international students, who wish to improve their language and intercultural skills. Each « Tandem » meets regularly  to exchange in both languages.

The idea of a "tandem" is to allow a student to meet and exchange with another student who learns  his/her own language (or a foreign language he/she masters) or who wishes to improve his/her level. The goal is to speak in both languages alternatively.  Both students can thus not only improve their language skills, but also discover another culture.


  • Improving language skills,
  • Discovering another culture and developing awareness of one's own culture
  • Improving the integration of foreign students
  • Preparing for an international experience

Duration : 1 semester (minimum)

Who can do it?

  • foreign students hosted at Ensimag (exchange students, double degrees, international masters' students...), but also possibility to extend to foreign students hosted in another Grenoble institution.
  • regular Francophone Ensimag students, no nationality criteria.

Mother tongue, or advanced level (level C1-C2)

Ex : a "tandem" French student - Polish student can exchange in English and in French if the Polish student has at least a level C1 or C2 in English


  • spend at least two hours per week, at Ensimag or outside, having different types of activities,
  • mid-term assessment
  • at the end of the semester : 2500-word blog or report, written together in both languages oral defense of the project, with language professors and International Office members : 03.05.2018

How does the project count towards acquiring your degree

  • 1 ECTS credit
  • The project is taken into consideration when you apply for an international exchange and the assessment of your cross-cultural skills.



meeting between interested students to create a tandem team :

February 08 - 1 pm - room D117

Once you have formed a "tandem", please register at the Ensimag International office (Room D100)

Deadline to register : February 12

your registration will be effective, and you will be evaluated for this activity.




Découvrez le projet Tandem de Nicolas et Bernardo


mise à jour le 18 janvier 2018

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