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A double degree student from KTH

Mis à jour le 23 mars 2020
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I spent two years at ENSIMAG as a double-diploma student, and I did not regret one second of it.



It was an unforgettable experience to live in France and participate in the vibrant academic life of Grenoble. When I came, my primary goal was to become fluent in French and at the same time finish my engineering studies. I accomplished both, but this is not what I consider to be most important as I now look back on that time. Instead, it is the wider perspective on the world that I acquired through getting to know many new people both from France and elsewhere. With its many academic institutions, Grenoble offers a great international atmosphere with students from all over the world.

I enjoyed studying at ENSIMAG since this school combines my two main interests, mathematics and computer science, in a broad curriculum. Apart from my main specialization in scientific computing, I learned about compiler construction, databases, computer graphics. I especially valued the many practical sessions, and the close connections to the research activities of the surrounding institutions. Another aspect which I consider important is the emphasis that is put on "soft skills" such as communication and project management, which, together with the network of industrial partners provide for excellent opportunities in starting a career once the studies are finished.
As part of the double-diploma program, I did my master thesis project at the R&D department of STMicroelectronics, one of the leading semiconductor manufacturers in the world. I also spent three months in Saclay outside Paris for an internship at the large research institution CEA. Both projects taught me many things about professional life and allowed me to apply the skills acquired during my studies to some interesting practical problems.

Grenoble is a great city to live in. Large enough to be exciting but small enough to be familiar - a city with a very particular personality. The many resturants and cafés make the center very cozy, and the spectacular surroundings provide you with possibilities for experiencing nature all year around, on foot, bike or ski. I recommend everybody to take the chance to get to know everything Grenoble and ENSIMAG have to offer.  Just as it was for me, I believe you won't regret it. "

Staffan RONNAS

Ensimag 2008

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mise à jour le 23 mars 2020

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