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Orientation day Ensimag - IM2AG Master 2

In order to help students to settle down nicely and better understand the Grenoble environment, we propose a two-week orientation session for M2 programs (from September 16th till September 28th).

We will welcome newcomers (French and foreign students) on September 16, at  9:00 am (amphi E - Ensimag building).

Specific information sessions will be held during the first two days (presentation of the institutions, and on formalities to be accomplished, residence permit, health insurance, bank account…)

French and foreign local students (who have already performed M1 in Grenoble) are required to join on September 16, at 14:00 pm. (see program below to check in which room)

For a better organization of this orientation session, we ask you to register on-line for some specific activities.

Detailed Agenda of the two-week orientation session for M2 programs 2019-2020

Introduction to Python

Python Kickstart (3 hours of mixed course/practice) – course description
Professor :

The goal of this session is to get acquainted or refresh your knowledge of Python, depending on your personal level. We will cover:
* [Beginners] The basics of the language, including code execution, scripting, loops, data structures, file handling.
* Essential numerical linear algebra and graphical plots with Numpy and MatPlotlib.
* [Advanced] Data Science essential libraries Pandas, Scikit-Learn

The course is based on notebook containing information and exercises. Working on your own laptop is recommended for this course; to do so, install Anaconda beforehand.

Registration for M2 foreign students, newcomers in Grenoble

Please register on-line as soon as possible for student orientation activities (deadline August 25)

Registration for M2 French and local students (already registered in M1)

Please register on-line as soon as possible for student orientation activities (deadline August 25)

For all information or comments:

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