Ensimag Rubrique Entreprise 2024

Summer internships and end-of-course projects

Our students usually perform their summer internship and end-of-course projects in applied mathematics, informatics & telecommunications, which correspond to their graduate specializations:

  • Financial Engineering
  • Information Systems Engineering   
  • Mathematical modeling, Vision, Graphics and Simulation
  • Embedded Systems and Connected Devices

Students must perform a summer internship before their last year, and an end-of-courses project during their final semester.

The summer internship

The summer internship lasts from two to four months, before the final year of studies. It acquaints the student with industry and with the realities of the engineering profession; still our students already show high-level skills in informatics, applied mathematics or telecommunications.

The end-of-courses project

The second semester of the final year of studies is dedicated to this project, which can be performed either in a research laboratory or in companies.

The project lasts from five to six months.

Through this final project, the student, as a full-time member of a working team, is given the opportunity of making the synthesis of the knowledge he acquired, and of showing his ability to put it into practice in a professional context. The student carries out a full-scale project. The results are described in a project report that is defended in front of a committee made up of professionals and Ensimag Faculty. There is also an evaluation form to fill.


Type of placement Year of Studies Duration Period
Summer  Internship 3rd year of undergraduate studies (BSc level)
or 4th year (Master 1)
2-4 months May to September
End-of-courses project
(all  specializations except finance and security)
Fifth and last year
(master 2)
5-6 months February to July
End-of-courses project
(finance  and security specializations)
Fifth and last year
(master 2)
5-6 months mid-April to September
Sabbatical Between their fourth and fifth year 10-12 months July to July

There are some exceptions regarding the calendar: students who are spending a semester or a year abroad sometimes perform their projects at different periods. You can send your offers all year long.


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