Final Project

  • It takes place in the final semester (S6) of the Engineering Degree.
  • The knowledge and skills that the students have acquired during their Engineering programme is applied throughout the project.
  • Students work as professional engineers and gain experience in the industrial world either in a company or a laboratory.

Main Objectives

For companies:

  • allow a fully trained student, specialised in Industrial Engineering, to work on a project with a specific problem to resolve;
  • evaluate the student's personal and professional qualities throughout the project with a view of perhaps hiring the student afterwards.

For students:

  • carry out complete projects as professional engineers;
  • confirm their desire to start their careers as an engineer in a particular domain, or in another similar type of job.

For the school:

  • be aware of current issues in Industrial Engineering and their development;
  • take into account Industrial Engineering developments and update training programmes where necessary;
  • check that the students have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out their projects successfully.