Grenoble is a major high tech city in France, sometimes referred to as the French Silicon Valley and home to 18,000 jobs in Information Technology. Moreover, it has recently been hailed as the world wide innovative center in micro and nanotechnology and embedded systems.

Ensimag teacher-researchers are active in:

  • The Minalogic global competitiveness cluster (MIcro NAnotechnologies and the Grenoble-Isère Compétitivité software), which aims to give the French sector of micro and nanotechnologies and embedded software a sustainable competitive advantage in the field of electronics and embedded software On-chip .
  • The Carnot Institute "Software and Intelligent Systems", which develops new solutions in intelligent software and systems, in all the fields where these technologies are involved: transport, telecommunications, consumer electronics, energy distribution, medical assistance...


Ensimag students can carry out innovative projects. The objective of these projects is to create "objects" (embedding computers) meeting specific needs. There is no imposed scope for these objects: they can range from equipment for doctors working in the field (eg "doctors without borders"), to "intelligent" equipment for cyclists, Objects for home automation (eg objects making a building "intelligent"). These projects combine computer and "hardware" development.

Discover the innovative projects of our students: