Study in Grenoble

Coming to the Ensimag in Grenoble means studying in unparalleled settings.

Grenoble, France's leading research center after Paris, is recognized as a leading center of technological innovation.

Our teachers are also researchers in laboratories of international renown. Their works range from the use of psychology in the conception of inter-face systems to the theory of new modes of calculation which will not be implemented until twenty years.

Associated with CNRS, Inria and Grenoble universities, these laboratories are at the heart of the city's reputation for scientific excellence.

Grenoble: one of the most beautiful campuses in France.]Grenoble, dubbed the capital of the Alps, is a city renowned for its outdoor activities, technological flair, ecological aspirations and sports and culture facilities. Surrounded by three mountain ranges (Belledonne, Chartreuse and Vercors), its breathtaking scenery is a treat for the eyes of all who set foot here.

Nestling at the heart of this stunning environment, the Grenoble campus is described as one of the most beautiful in France. Boasting 3,000 trees, myriad sports and concert halls and 41 works of art on display across a site covering more than 175 hectares, the university campus is a peaceful, green and bustling place to be ... In a nutshell: ideal for an enjoyable student life!


  • 3 mountain ranges
  • 175 hectares of space
  • 3,000 species of tree
  • 41 works of art

Developing a taste for entrepreneurship

In six years, Grenoble soil has given rise to 35 start-up in the field of information technology and some have already acquired international leadership. The combination of quality training, advanced laboratories and innovative companies is the source of a dynamism in which entrepreneurs flourish.

Through the "Business and Activity Creation" module, Ensimag introduces its students to the valorisation of innovation. Every year, some fifty students develop some fifteen business plans, and some start their own business at the end of the third year.

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Key figures

  • More than 100 student big association 4 university library
  • 1 theater Amphidice
  • 2 university sports centers
  • 48 university canteens
  • 36 residences
  • 2 health centers

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