Ensimag Rubrique International 2022

International office - Ensimag

What are you looking for?

sign a partnership agreement with Ensimag Marianne Genton
Olivier Gaudoin
gather information for a stay abroad in a partner university Mairwen Perenon
Numa Crozier
propose a summer internship or a final project abroad Marianne Genton
gather information for a stay at Ensimag Elena Leibowitch
obtain academic information
meet us Marianne Genton

Who is involved in international matters at Ensimag ?

Director of the International Office Olivier Gaudoin
Head of the International Office     Marianne Genton
Professors in charge of international aspects for the MMIS, ISI and Finance specializations François Berard
Matthieu Chabanas
International relations assistant - Incoming students Elena Leibowitch
International relations assistant - Outgoing students Mairwen Perenon
Numa Crozier
Master of Science in Informatics at Grenoble - MoSIG  mosig@ensimag.fr
Master of Science in Industrial and Applied Mathematics - MSIAM msiam@ensimag.fr
Master of Science in Cybersecurity - CySec m2cybersec@ensimag.fr
Master of Science in Operational Research,  Combinatorics and Optimization -  ORCO  orco@ensimag.fr
 International masters programmes - Registrar's Office Elise Ros