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Ensimag – common core

The common core  is the foundation that corresponds to the skills and abilities of Ensimag's alumni identified by the recruiters. The common core courses are taught mainly in Ensimag's first year and continues througout the Ensimag second and third years ( integrated in the various specializations which are offered).
It allows students to acquire the principles and basic concepts in:
  • Applied Mathematics: Analysis for Engineers, Numerical Methods, Applied Probability, Statistics, Operations Research,
  • Informatics: Language Theory, Algorithms, Basic Software, Hardware Architecture, Databases, Operating Systems, Programming Languages and Object-Oriented languages, C Language, Software Engineering, Computer Networks and Telecommunications.

The common core courses also offer students:
  • a diverse culture in the Humanities, Economics, Management (SHEME: General Economics, Business Management, Communication, Project Management, Professional Personal Project, Business Law, Entrepreneurship,...),
  • Foreign languages (English is mandatory for non-native English speakers), a wide choice of foreign languages is offered
  • Behavioral development through physical activities, sports and arts.

Date of update July 11, 2018

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