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Mastering Information Technology

The "Grandes Écoles" Quality Engineering Education

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Information technology is changing your everyday life

The Ensimag engineer is at the heart of these transformations

The digital economy generates a quarter of the world's growth. Today, information technology represents more than one job offer in 3 for all executives in all fields: health, culture, energy, environment ...

did you know that

If you can store 600 hours of music on your MP3 player or count your friends on FaceBook, it's because engineers have first worked on ideas. If you use your mobile to produce images, surf the net or order a pizza, it is thanks to developments in mathematics, computer science, electronics and telecoms

In 10 years

Most of you will use services and technology objects that do not exist today. Ensimag engineers will help to create them. Biometric passports, "intelligent" sneakers that analyze the terrain, RFID tags that allow the traceability of our purchases ... information technology changes our daily lives. In every company, every sector and every country, the Ensimag graduates are at the heart of these transformations.

Date of update October 27, 2020

Université Grenoble Alpes