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Double Diploma

The engineers of Ensimag can choose to complete their training with a double degree in France or abroad.

In Grenoble

Double degree and double competence Engineer-Manager
3 training courses are possible in one of the partner institutions of these agreements:
  • The Ecole Supérieure de Commerce of Grenoble (ESC, GEM Group),
  • The Institute of Business Administration of Grenoble (IAE)
  • The Institute of Political Studies of Grenoble (IEP).
The students are selected on file in the 2nd year of school, the duration of the studies is extended by one or two semesters according to the time spent following the complementary training.


16 possibilities of double degree

Ensimag students have the possibility to apply for a double degree which they can obtain according to the chosen course in 16 university courses abroad. They then spent 18 months in the reception training and then carried out their PFE of 6 months, in total their schooling lasts 4 years.

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Date of update March 17, 2017

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