Mastering Information Technology
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Grandes Ecoles

Ensimag ranks among the very best French 'Grandes Écoles' and educates highly-skilled students in the fields of Applied Mathematics and Informatics at both undergraduate and graduate levels.


Ensimag proposes masters's porgrams fully taught in English
  • MOSIG - Informatics
  • AM - Master in Applied Mathematics
  • ORCO - Operations Research, Combinatorics and Optimization
  • CySec - CyberSecurity
  • MSIAM - Industrial and Applied Mathematics
  • CoDaS - Communications Engineering and Data Science

From the director

Ensimag at the heart of the information society

Ensimag, a leading French educational institution in Informatics, Applied Mathematics, and Telecommunications, is a pioneer in the field of information processing.

Evolving to maintain its status as a reference in this domain, the strong connection between Mathematics and Informatics results in the education of high-level engineers.

These engineers possess the capability to comprehend and master the complexity of tasks and the evolution of systems throughout their entire professional careers.

Why study at Ensimag ?

The French Silicon Valley

Become a highly regarded engineer in information technology and receive a competitive degree from a school renowned in France and abroad.

  • Live in the French Silicon Valley in a high density area of universities, research laboratories and high-tech companies such as STMicroelectronics, Hewlett Packard, Cap Gemini, etc.
  • Discover the French culture and learn the French language in a spectacular natural environment renowned for skiing and mountain activities
  • A degree from Ensimag is your key to a successful career. Find out how the Ensimag students integrate into the business world.

Companies have always played a major role in the evolution of Ensimag's curriculum. Benefiting from close links with top high-tech companies, Ensimag has been able to keep up with the evolution of the job market and its new challenges.

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