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Communication Systems Engineering (CSE)

The Communication Systems Engineering Master Degree is a joint international Master program between Grenoble INP and Politecnico di Torino.


The primary goal of the Communication Systems Engineering Master degree is to train students for exciting and successful careers in telecommunications systems engineering. At the end of this training, students are able to design and supervise communication systems as simple as point to point communication links to more complex heterogeneous networks.


  • Design of transmission systems: specification of components in a transmission system, integration, building up test-bench, validation of the complete system.
  • Telecommunications network engineer: design of telecommunications networks, specification of network equipments, evaluation of network resource, integration and validation.
  • Supervisor for networks and information systems: analysis and diagnostic of network problems, implementation of solutions, control of the results.
After several years of work experience.
  • Telecommunications network architect : definition and design of the architecture of a telecommunication network and related service platforms.

Technical skill

Necessary abilities to start a successful career in Communication Systems Engineering (CSE) are located at the interface between hardware and software.
CSE students master devices, systems and techniques used in digital communication systems, including informatics, networks and signal processing. This large range of competencies provides the necessary skills to interact with top-level specialists in networks and equipments.

Management skills

Management and soft skill courses allow our graduates to:
  • Work in a cross-cultural environment, master one or several foreign
  • languages.
  • Manage a project and a team, communicate efficiently.
  • Build a business network.

Training schedule

All the lectures are in English.