Ensimag Rubrique Formation 2022

Fields of study

L'Ensimag curriculum includes strong foundations in applied mathematics and computer science in the first three semesters. Students specialize during the fourth and fifth semester in one of the following engineering fields:

  • Mathematics for financial engineering
  • Information technology for financial engineering
  • Models, calculus and simulation
  • Images and virtual reality
  • Security of systems, cryptology
  • Logistics, optimization of information systems
  • Engineering of computer systems

Alternatively, students can opt in the 5th semester for a research oriented curriculum in the following fields:

  • Images, vision and robotics
  • Applied mathematics
  • Operations research, combinatorial mathematics and optimization
  • Systems and software
  • Intelligence, interaction, information
  • Bioinformatics

Studies at l'Ensimag conclude with a full-term end of studies project, either in industry or in one of the many research laboratories in the area.