Ensimag Rubrique Formation 2022

Internet, Services and Connected Devices

Admission requirements

This master degree is shared between Grenoble INP-Ensimag and Grenoble-INP Phelma. It is open to foreign candidates holding a bachelor's degree of either school, as regular students for the two-year curriculum. It leads to the French degree Diplôme d'Ingénieur Grenoble INP - Ensimag (Master of Science in Engineering).
It is also open to exchange and double-degree students coming from Grenoble INP-Ensimag's partner universities.


  • M1 - First graduate year
  • M2 - Second graduate year

Overview and career opportunities

This degree opens career opportunities in the telecom industry as well as other sectors where telecom services are keys for business.
The teaching syllabus focuses on data networks, operator networks, distributed systems and applications, data communications. Syllabus personalization is offered in two areas :
  • networks and distributed systems
  • networks and data coms

Courses taught in English

Some of the courses are taught in English. In particular, in M1
  •  Algorithms and Object-oriented Programming
  •  Software Engineering Project
  •  Networks
A number of the second year courses are taught in English as well.

Application procedure and deadlines

Join us!
As a regular student following the 3 year curriculum
  • Web-based application
  • Deadline: early June, with notification of results in early July
As an exchange student for one or two semesters
Your university must have signed an exchange agreement with
Grenoble INP - Ensimag

As a double-degree student (in the framework of double-degree bilateral agreements)

As a research intern in a research laboratory
Exchange student application forms must be submitted no later than
  • May 1st for an arrival in September (first semester)
  • November 15th for an arrival in February (our second semester)
  • At least three months before arrival for internships

The End of Studies Project

The second semester of the final year of studies is dedicated to this project (30 ECTS credits) which can be performed either in a research laboratory or in industry.
Through this final project, the student, as a full-time member of a working team, is given the opportunity of making the synthesis of the knowledge he acquired, and of showing his ability to put it into practice in a professional context. The student is involved in a full-scale project. The results are described in a project report that is defended in front of a committee made up of professionals and Ensimag Faculty members.

Information on Available Scholarships

Are you a foreign student with a Master level qualification wanting to study at one of the six engineering Schools of the Grenoble Institute of Technology ?
You can find all the funding schemes available for your course in Grenoble on the Bourses en Accueil page of our website at http://www.grenoble-inp.fr


For those requiring additional information on all the sources of academic funding, contact the Service de Coopération et d'Actions Culturelle (Cultural action and cooperation service, CSAC) of the French Embassy in your country.