Ensimag Rubrique International 2022

Admission based on student records ("Admission sur titres")

Foreign students can apply as regular students at Ensimag.

The majority of students enter Ensimag after the concours communs polytechniques: French engineering students study two years at university level (intensive training in maths and physics), after their secondary school diploma. Then, after a national competitive examination they enter the "Grandes Ecoles" for three years.
This contest is open to foreign students.

Foreign students usually enrol at Ensimag after attending courses in another university for two or three years. They submit their academic record to the "Admission sur titre" committee which decides if the student is admitted or not in the school. Students can ask for an admission in the 1st year curriculum (last year of undergrad studies) or the 2nd year curriculum (first year of master's studies). 
This procedure is based on a selection process which takes into account curriculum prerequisites (a good working knowledge of French is compulsory).
Two years of undergraduate studies and an excellent level are required to enter in Ensimag's first year, 4 years of undergraduate studies to enter directly in second year.
At the end of the 3rd year, students receive a Master of Engineering degree ("diplôme d'ingénieur"). In addition, some students may also receive a Master of Science ("Master").