Ensimag Rubrique Formation 2022

Periods in Business - 4MM1ENT

  • Number of hours

    • Internship 1000.0


    ECTS 20.0


Objective for the work done in the company, year 2:

- to understand the management of a team or the management of a project;

- to take part to the writing of a specification document; to be more and more self-dependent for technical choices (software tools, document writing, presentation to customers, etc.). Concrete use of tools and methods from software engineering.

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* Technical report (written, based on PE1 to PE3)
* Presentation: testimony from 2nd year to 1st year (based on PE1 to PE3)
* Specification document (written, based on PE1 to PE5)
* 3 written by the apprentice at the end of each period PE3, PE4, PE5
* 3 written appreciations by the apprenticeship supervisor at the end of each period PE3, PE4, PE5



(Bilan Apprenti + Evaluation Maitre Apprentissage + J2A)/3

Additional Information

Curriculum->Sandwich education->Alternance 2eme annee