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Biologie computationnelle (en anglais) - 5MMBIOCP

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Cours en anglais.

This interdisciplinary course is designed for students with a
computational or mathematical background, providing them with the skills
necessary to move into bioinformatics and computational biology. The
objective is to provide an introduction to the modeling of biological
phenomena, and to present advanced software and mathematical tools for
the analysis of sequencing data.




Part I: Through a realistic bacterial outbreak scenario, the first part of the lecture will deal with omics biology from sequence to protein structure. Through a challenging project, you will need to leverage fundamental computational biology concepts and knowledge (standard tools like blast and standard biological databases) in order to implement your own algorithmic and statistical solution.

Part II: This part of the course focuses on evolutionary biology and
population biology. The central concepts of the field are presented in a
computational form, with emphasis on methods for modeling and simulating
the phenomena studied. Through projects and critical reading of research articles, the focus
is put on modern research questions involving modeling, simulations,
and/or analyses of large datasets.


Basic statistics (Poisson distribution), algorithmics (complexity), programming (Python or equivalent required, and optionally R or matlab for data analysis).

Contrôle des connaissances

Session one: Report and source code (part I) + 1 project or 1 article presentation ~20min (part II)
Session two: oral examination, 30 minutes.

N1 = 0.5*E1a + 0.5*E1b
N2 = E2

L'examen existe uniquement en anglais FR


Le cours est programmé dans ces filières :

  • Cursus ingénieur - Filière MMIS - Semestre 9 (ce cours est donné uniquement en anglais EN)
cf. l'emploi du temps 2023/2024

Informations complémentaires

Code de l'enseignement : 5MMBIOCP
Langue(s) d'enseignement : FR

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  • Equipe Image,Vision,Interaction Multimédia,Bioinfo

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