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Coupling methods

  • Number of hours

    • Lectures 9.0
    • Tutorials 9.0


    ECTS 1.75


The aim of this course is to provide an overview of finite volume methods for the numerical solution of conservation laws, as well as methods for the solution of coupled problems (multiscale and/or multiphysics phenomena, as encountered for example in fluid mechanics).
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Part 1: "Coupling"
Introduction : interactions of different scales, coupled phenomena
Coupling methods : Schwarz methods, optimized interface conditions, Mortar elements
Introduction to multigrid methods

Part 2: finite volume methods
- Generalities on properties of numerical schemes (stability, accuracy...)
- Derivation of efficient numerical schemes (finite volume schemes) for hyperbolic equations, with illustration on 3 examples (advection equation, equation simulating car traffic, shallow water equation for simulating a dam break)

Numerical methods for PDEs (finite differences, finite elements), basic linear algebra


Written exam


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Curriculum->MMIS.->Semester 5


Trottenberg U., C.W. Oosterlee and A. Schuller, 2000 : Multigrid. Academic Press
Valli A. and A. Quarteroni, 1999 : Domain decomposition methods for PDEs Oxford University Press