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Distributed systems and applications - 5MMSAR6

  • Number of hours

    • Lectures 27.0
    • Tutorials 9.0


    ECTS 4.0


To study the basic concepts of distributed systems and the main techniques used to implement and install distributed applications.

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Lecture about distributed systems does not include practical work but are also illustrated by distributed applications lectures. Lecture about distributed applications includes practical works.
A distributed system consists of components on networked hosts that interact via middleware so that they appear as an integrated facility.

This course will present the principles and basic techniques of distributed systems as well as middleware software used to implement and install distributed applications. The basic techniques that will be presented in this course are related to distributed systems algorithms and synchronisation, data consistency and replication.

The course surveys also many middleware technologies and their underlying concepts such as RMI and associated services, message bus (JMS) and component oriented approaches (J2EE, OSGI) and WebServices technologies used to build Internet servers. As much as possible, practical exercises will be associated with tutorial presentations.


Basic knowledge of object oriented programming languages (JAVA), operating systems and computer networks.


practical work.


Additional Information

Curriculum->Internet Services & Connected Syst.->Semester 5