Ensimag Rubrique Formation 2022

Final study project - 5MMPFE4

  • ECTS

    ECTS 27.0


Through this final project, the student, as a full-time member of a working team, is given the opportunity of making the synthesis of the knowledge he acquired, and of showing his ability to put it into practice in a professional context. The student carries out a full-scale project.

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The results are described in a final oral defense that is defended in front of a committee made up of the academic supervisor, the company supervisor chaired by a president who is generally the graduate specialization supervisor
The evaluation done by the committee takes into account :

  • a preliminary report
  • a final report
  • the oral defense
  • the assessment of the company supervisor about the quality of the student final study project and his integration in the company everyday life


Additional Information

Curriculum->MMIS.->Semester 6
Curriculum->ENGINEERING systm of information->Semester 6
Curriculum->ISSC->Semester 6
Curriculum->SLE.->Semester 6
Curriculum->For Financial Engineering->Semester 6
Curriculum->MS in Informatics at Grenoble->Semester 6
Curriculum->MSc MSIAM->Semester 6
Curriculum->Big-Data post-graduate program->Semester 6