Ensimag Rubrique Formation 2022

German - 5MMALLE0

  • Number of hours

    • Tutorials 18.0


    ECTS 1.75


In 3A German 2 options:
1) « Intercultural Management » Wednesday morning
2) "General Language", (if the number of students and the timetable allows it )
1) Option «Intercultural Management». Objectives: In the multicultural frame of the economic globalization, it is essential to be aware that the cultural specificities can play an important role in the success of a mission, a negotiation, etc.

2) Option General language, the objective are : Improve the oral and written skills, by working on subjects of common life, current events and professionals topics. The accent is put on the search for a linguistic autonomy of the learners in situations of the everyday and/or professional life. Cultural opening on German speaking countries and on the world in general

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1) « Intercultural Management ». Contents:

  • Reflection on the general principles:
    · - Personal relations: the hierarchy …
    · - Non verbal language
    · - Models of company organization
    · - Individual work or team work
    · - Management of time (in the company, in everyday life)
    · - Difference of values: personal ethics / Social responsibility of companies

Study of the cultural specificities which can intervene in the management of the countries of the studied languages: German Model, etc.

Supports and documents

  • Movies extracts referring to the studied topics, reports
  • Newspaper articles

Student activities

  • Role plays
  • Presentations (individual or in pairs) referring to the studied topics
  • Presentation of the 2A internship(if in a multicultural context)
  • Written Reports

2) General language
Level: False beginners
General objective: strengthen the previous experiences,are able to pass of a " survival communication" to a wider and more thorough context.


All levels (from beginners to an advanced level). Acquisition of skills of previous level (except for beginners).


Continuous written and oral controls, a final exam

N1=(7*CC + 3*E1)/10

N2 = N1 (pas de rattrapage)

Additional Information

Curriculum->MMIS.->Semester 5
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