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Information Visualization - WMM9MO37

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    • Lectures 18.0
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    ECTS 3.0


InfoVis is the study of interactive graphical representations of abstract data (e.g. graphs linking people in social networks, series of stock options values evolving over time).
Graphical representations are a powerfull way to leverage the human perceptual capabilities to allow the user to explore and make sense of abstract data, and also to expose findings and convey ideas.
But to be efficient, a visualization has to be designed using knowledge about the human visual perception, the characteristics of the data, the kind of task that will be performed on those data.
The aim of this course is to provide the keys, both theoretical and practical, to build usable and useful interactive visualizations.

target skills:

  • know the scientific foundations of InfoVis;
  • analyze data sets using visualization techniques; and
  • build visualizations that convey information and ideas.




program summary:

  • foundations: human visual perception, graphical variables, data types, the visualization pipeline.
  • linked data: tree and graph visualization
  • tabular data: time series and spatial data visualization
  • dealing with large data: aggregation, multiple views, interaction
  • validating visualization: visualization tasks, evaluation


The exam is given in english only FR


The course exists in the following branches:

  • Curriculum - Master in Computer Science - Semester 9 (this course is given in english only EN)
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Course ID : WMM9MO37
Course language(s): FR

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