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Multimedia Applications - WMM53C2

  • Number of hours

    • Lectures 18.0
    • Laboratory works 12.0


    ECTS 3.0


To present the basics in compression and media security technologies such as watermarking, media content integrity
verification, conditional access and scrambling.
To establish a link between common requirements and state-of-the-art techniques. To overview media security standards. The course
will be illustrated focusing on images and/or video content.

Contact François CAYRE


Compression: decorrelation and energy compaction, popular transforms (KL, DCT, DWT), quantization, source coding and bit
allocation. Application to JPEG, JPEG2000 and MPEG2/MPEG4.

  • Watermarking: a communication problem, robustness and capacity issues, popular coding techniques (SS-based, QIM-based).
    Resynchronization issues and application to still images. Introduction to data-hiding security.
  • Media security tools: watermarking evaluation, multimedia content integrity verification solutions, visual password, scrambling…
  • Media security standards: Secure JPEG 2000, MPEG-4 Intellectual Property Management and Protection, MPEG-21, DMP, SDMI.


Basic knowledge in communications, statistics and signal processing if possible. C programming.


The exam is given in english only 

  • Compression: written exam.
    ? Watermarking: evaluation based on a practical work.
    ? Media security: written exam.

S1=22%E1(Compression)+33%E1 (Media Security) +45%TP (Watermarking)

Additional Information

This course is given in english only EN

Curriculum->M2 Sec, Crypt. and Coding of Info.->SCCI - Semester 3