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Operating Systems Development Project - Fundamentals - 4MMPCSEF

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    ECTS 1.5


This is a specialisation course, for students who chose a Computer Science oriented track. Notions seen include Operating System kernel design and writing low-level C code interacting with a standard PC hardware. Time-sharing is introduced by implementing a simple preemptive scheduler.


Christophe RIPPERT


1. Design of IO driver in C
=> students will use pointers to write directly to the video memory of the PC
2. Time-sharing using the PC hardware clock
=> this implies writing an interrupt handler to manage the hardware clock (with a very small part in 32 bits x86 assembly)
3. Writing a simple preemptive scheduler
=> this is the main part of the projet: students will first use a cooperative scheduler to share time between processes, then they will connect the scheduling fonction to the hardware clock handler in order to implement preemptive scheduling.


Computer Architecture. Basic Programming. Operating Systems and Concurrent Programming.


Students will take a practical exam at the end of the semester to validate the course (all documents are forbidden).

    • MCC en présentiel **
      N1=Examen de TP
      N2=N1 (pas de rattrapage)
    • MCC en distanciel **
      N1=Rendu de Projet
      N2=N1 (pas de rattrapage)


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Andrew S. Tanenbaum : Modern Operating Systems et Operating Systems Design and Implementation
Abraham Silberschatz, Peter B. Galvin et Greg Gagne : Operating Systems Concepts.