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Remedial course in algorithmic and basic programming - 3MMSALG

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    • Laboratory works 16.5
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    ECTS 0.0


This optional course should help students without previous experiences in computer science to better understand the course Introduction to Imperative Programming. At the end of the semester, students attending the remedial course should be able to write programs including basic data structures (arrays, linked lists) in an imperative programming style. This course is strongly recommended for international students coming from non-CS oriented tracks, or who experience difficulties with the french idioms used in CS classes.


Christophe RIPPERT


The exercices studied during the remedial course will be :

  • exercices already seen during the TDs and TPs: theses exercices will be re-explained and more time will be allocated to find a solution;
  • new and simpler exercices aiming at understanding the basic notions of the Introduction to Imperative Programming course.
    Every exercices should be implemented in order to practice writing and debugging programs.


No prerequisites: this course is aimed at beginners in computer science.


Students will take a pratical exam. During this exam, no documents are allowed, except a single sheet of handwritten notes, in A4 format.

Il n'y a pas de note spécifique au soutien, mais un éventuel bonus sur la note du cours "Bases de la programmation impérative", selon un barème présenté à la première séance du cours.


The course exists in the following branches:

  • Curriculum - Core curriculum - Semester 5
see the course schedule for 2023-2024

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Course ID : 3MMSALG
Course language(s): FR

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