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Analysis for engineers - 3MMAI

  • Number of hours

    • Lectures 16.5
    • Projects -
    • Tutorials 16.5
    • Internship -
    • Laboratory works 6.0
    • Written tests -


    ECTS 3.0


This course introduces mathematical tools in analysis that are widely used in signal processing or in scientific computing. Laboratory works on computers will illustrate some application of these tools in signal linear filtering or in image compression.


Valerie PERRIER, Emmanuel MAITRE


  • Lebesgue integral
  • Fourier transform
  • Metric and normed linear spaces, Banach spaces
  • Differential calculus in Banach spaces

Content of support lectures:

  • Analysis:
    o Recalls and complements on integral calculation (change of variable, multiple integrals, ...)
    o Normed linear Space: topology and convergence
    o Reminders on series and sequences of functions
    o Fourrier series
  • Algebra:
    o Vector space, linear application, basis, kernel and range
    o Matrix computation: determinant, vectors and eigenvalues,
    o Linear system
    o Group and ring structures


First two yearw of university with major mathematics,or equivalent.


Two written exams (1h30:E1a and E1b) and a lab work in Scilab (TP).

S = note de soutien 3MMSANA
A1 = max((E1a+E1b)/2,(E1a+E1b+S)/3)
N1 = max(A1,(3*A1+TP)/4)
A2 = max((E1a+E2)/2,(E1a+E2+S)/3)
N2 = max(E2, (3*A2+TP)/4)


The course exists in the following branches:

  • Curriculum - Core curriculum - Semester 5
see the course schedule for 2023-2024

Additional Information

Course ID : 3MMAI
Course language(s): FR

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  • Boccara, Intégration, Mathématiques pour l’ingénieur, Ellipses.
  • R. Reinhard, Eléments de Mathématiques du signal – tome I : signaux deterministes, Dunod, Paris 1997.
  • Guichardet, Intégration analyse réelle, Ecole Polytechnique, Ellipse, 1989.
  • Rauzy, Mathématiques : Cours d'analyse - Licence L1 et L2 , Eska, 2004
  • Escofier, Sinnou : Toute l'algèbre de la licence : Cours et exercices corrigés, Dunod, 2006

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