Ensimag Rubrique Formation 2022


  • Number of hours

    • Tutorials 18.0


    ECTS 1.5


The year-long course is divided into two modules with a switch of teacher at the beginning of semester two.
The course aims to develop various strategies for effective professional and social communication. It is also designed to develop intercultural awareness.



Students will work on listening and reading comprehension, and develop their speaking, writing and communication skills.
Students will have several oral presentations (current affairs discussions, general talks, hi-tech product demonstration, sketches etc ...) to do in front of a public of varying sizes. Success will depend on students’ willingness to involve themselves in class and group activities and personal assignments.

Various subjects will be dealt with in class : current affairs, cultural awareness, visual culture, advertising etc. Students will be asked to read at least one book in English.

Students will also develop their writing skills through creative writing, essay writing (writing to inform and convince) etc

Students are encouraged to take an active part in managing their own progression and will also be expected to review grammatical and functional notions, work on pronunciation and improve reading and listening comprehension on their own in the language lab.(through toeic or toefl practice for example)

(3 compulsory visits to the lab each semester)



The end-of-year mark is the average of the marks gained for both semesters.
Class activities and projects : 25%
Orals : 25%
Exam : 30%
Participation and personal involvement : 20%
3 compulsory visits to the language lab during the semester

The catch-up exam is a written exam (1h30)- no documents allowed

N1 = (0.25*O+0.25*P+0.3*E+0.2*I)
N2 = (0.5*N1+0.5E2)
A partir de trois absences non-justifiées, N1 = 0/20

Les étudiants doivent aller au moins trois fois au laboratoire de langues pendant le semestre.
L'examen de rattrapage est un écrit d'1h30

Additional Information

Curriculum->CORE->Semester 2