Ensimag Rubrique Formation 2022

Innovation management - 3MMMI

  • Number of hours

    • Lectures 8.25
    • Tutorials 8.25


    ECTS 1.0


  • Acquire a global view of the innovation process, starting from the idea generation to the commercial launching ;
  • Develop the skills required for the production and development of innovative ideas and projects, and for the financial partners’hunt ;
  • Experiment, as part of a team, a first experience which will serve as a springboard for future projects.

The 2010 session will be carried out under the sponsorship of Rossignol, world leading company in ski equipments (skis, ski boots, accessories...). It will involve the study of the case, the hearing of accounts, and the presentation of projects in team work.

Contact Christine PONTHIEU, Aurélie CATEL


Session 1 : Introduction / Definition of the key concepts. Introduction of the various steps and types of innovation process, of the relationship between culture and innovation - Practical advice (1h30).
Theory put in practice : Team work. Analysis of press articles.

Session 2 : Making a new project arise / The basic principles of creativity, the individual and collective slowdowns, the tools for producing and evaluating ideas (3h00).
Theory put into practice: Team work-Imagining a new project, starting from the context of a case study, using creative tools such as brain-storming, brain-writing, mind maps, collective votes, and so on and so forth...

Session 3 : Radical Innovation / Each team will present a radical innovation of its choosing (1h30).
Theory put to practice : Collecting information on the web. Preparing a power point presentation.

Session 4 : Group work - Professional representatives, coming from the Rhône Alps area companies, will share their accounts and answer the questions of the students (1h30).

Session 5 : The resources for innovation / Finding ideas, incorporating scientific resources, gaining access to technology, finding finances (3h00).
Theory put into practice : Browsing the web to develop the team project : scientific expertise, technical expertise, patents, industrial partnerships...

Session 6 : Developing an innovative project / Assessing the budget, laying out the intermediate steps , planning the procedure, identifying the industrial and commercial strategies (3h00).
Theory put into practice : developing the team project by using the tools of the project methodology. Devising the industrialisation and marketing strategies. Producing a mock-up.

Session 7: Selling an innovative project. Basic principles. Practical advice (3h00).
Theory put into practice : Fictitious investors’ meeting. Preparation of the final presentation of the project.

Session 8 Evaluation/ Presentation of projects by the various teams (1h30).




Session1. The students are put in groups of 6. They imagine an innovative project for the situation given by the lecturer. They carry out the necessary research to feed their thoughts , they develop their project through the successive sessions and present it as they would to an assembly of decision-makers.
Remedial session: A second presentation of the team work will be organised, following amends, within a month .

N2=E1 (pas de rattrapage)

Additional Information

Curriculum->CORE->Semester 1


Idées (G. Aznar – Editions d'Organisation)
Du désir au plaisir de changer (F. Kourilsky – Dunod)
Stratégie et Marketing de l'Innovation Technologique (Paul Millier – Dunod)
Harvard Business Review on Innovation (Harvard Business School Publishing Corporation)