Ensimag Rubrique Formation 2022


  • Number of hours

    • Tutorials 18.0


    ECTS 1.0


In general, the teaching of Italian is based on the idea that learning a foreign language cannot be an end in itself; it is rather a privileged means of acquiring an indispensable tool for intercultural communication. The development of communication techniques, the broadening of knowledge, the opening onto the Italian world must all contribute to the personal development of the engineering student. It is obvious, however, that these objectives will not be met if the student’s personal involvement is not sufficiently high.

More precisely and according to the level the objectives are: to be capable of extracting the essential information from written and oral documents and transmitting it orally or in writing, to be able to speak on a current affairs topic, to incite an audience to listen to a talk on a subject presented in a limited time, to communicate in a professional context, to interact in an individual meeting.

Classes are divided into levels.
Beginners. General objective: to acquire the basic tools of communication through simple situations taken from daily life. Introduction to Italian culture.
Pre-Intermediate. General objective: to consolidate the acquisitions of level 1 in order to advance from « survival communication » to a broader context. To develop the knowledge of Italian culture
Intermediate. General objective: to develop oral and written expression in more complex situations; to approach the socio-economic and cultural environment in Italy.
Advanced. General objective: to encourage student autonomy through work in complex communication contexts: report writing, oral presentations, debates, project presentation, etc. To develop the knowledge of the Italian world today.

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Semester 1
Oral expression
B1: • Organization of an imaginary journey, in pairs + discussion
• Or presentation of a film, in pairs + discussion
• Or organization of a training period abroad
B2: • Organization of a debate about a topical subject, in pairs
• Or presentation of a film, in pairs + discussion

Tutorial (in pairs): a debate on a free subject

Listening comprehension
Short video and audio reports

Reading comprehension
Press articles and texts

Written expression
1 marked homework assignement (report, essays, composition, etc.)

Grammatical revision according to the subjects

1 mid-term test (30’)

Semester 2
1) Low-intermediate levels
An activity of semester 1

2) Intermediate and advanced levels:
• Presentation of a company, a product, an economic subject, in pairs + debate
• Simulating a job interview

Listening comprehension
Short video and audio reports about the working world

Reading comprehension
Press articles and texts

Written expression
A CV draft, an application letter

Grammatical revision according to the subjects

1 mid-term test (30’)


Acquisition of skills of previous level (except for beginners). The lessons demand an active participation from the students for the work done in class as well as a personal and regular work outside of lesson time.


Continuous assessment includes: presence, participation, oral presentations, individual tutorial, writing, and tests.
A final test will take place at the end of the semester (listening and/or reading comprehension, grammar, written expression)

N1=(6*CC + 4*E1)/10


Additional Information

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