Ensimag Rubrique Formation 2022

Management simulation

  • Number of hours

    • Lectures 8.25
    • Tutorials 8.25


    ECTS 1.75


The business game in 3rd year has for objective:

  • To realize the synthesis of the management courses followed during the schooling in engineering school
  • To deepen and to operate all the concepts of management.
    The chosen business game has to allow to arrest(dread) the complexity of the decision-making and the follow-up of the operational plans within a multinational company.
    For that purpose, the wanted work carries(wears) on:
  • The definition of the strategy, the operational objectives and the construction of dashboards
  • The reflection on the ethics of the company about the behavior and the choices of firms.

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Strategic decision
Operational plans
Employment and occupational integration


Courses in management of the previous years (accounting, financial, marketing management and strategy, management, communication)


Give kind of exam for session 1 and session 2: written, allowed documents or not, oral, practical work, reports, plan, vivas

Note =

  • respect des délais et fourniture des documents demandés lors de la simulation : 20%
  • questionnement auprès des enseignants et analyse "prévisionnel/réalisé" : 40%
  • rapport final : 40%
    Note de groupe de travail
    Pas de rattrapage.
    Note en CC

Additional Information

Curriculum->MMIS.->Semester 5
Curriculum->ENGINEERING systm of information->Semester 5
Curriculum->Telecom->Semester 5
Curriculum->SLE.->Semester 5
Curriculum->CORE->Semester 5
Curriculum->ASI / Semester alternative->Semester 5


Tout ouvrage de gestion, marketing, stratégie.
Presse économique.