Ensimag Rubrique International 2022

In-coming mobility

Ensimag hosts foreign students in the framework of students' exchange programs.

International exchanges

  • Foreign students registered in a partner university can apply for a stay at Ensimag. They can register to courses in our first, second or third year (equivalent to 3rd and 4th years of undergraduate studies, and graduate studies).
    Please ask for information at your home university, to see if it enjoys an exchange agreement with Ensimag.
  • Students can also apply for a placement in a research laboratory, for internships or final study projects in the framework of exchange agreements.
In this case, they must contact the research lab directly. As soon as a lab accepts a student, the student must contact the international office of Ensimag.

Double degree

In the framework of double-degree agreements a student can obtain the Ensimag degree in addition to a university degree from his home institution, which entails at least a one-semester prolongation of studies.
To date, several double-degree agreements have been signed or are under negotiation.

Regular students

Foreign students can also apply as regular students at Ensimag.

The majority of students enter Ensimag after the concours communs polytechniques: (this contest is francophone, and is open to foreign students).
A special admission procedure is open to foreign candidates at different levels: Admission sur titres. This procedure is based on a selection process which takes into account curriculum prerequisites (a good working knowledge of French is compulsory). Acceptance is based on an application form.