Ensimag Rubrique Formation 2022

Engineering of the 3D animation - 5MMIA3D

  • Number of hours

    • Lectures 9.0
    • Tutorials 9.0


    ECTS 1.75


This course provides an introduction to the 3d modelling and animation software Maya. In a first part, polygonal modelling and NURBS modelling with Maya will be presented. The basic techniques of 3D character animation will be also presented. In a second part, the Maya programming environment will be used to schow the development of scripts and plug-ins.

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Introduction to the user interface of Maya
Modeling tools for polygons and NURBS
Techniques for 3D animation
3D character animation
Programming environment with MEL scripts
Programming environment with plug-ins
Development of a plug-ins for animation



Give kind of exam for session 1 and session 2: written, allowed documents or not, oral, practical work, reports, plan, vivas


Additional Information

Curriculum->Math. Modelling, Image & Simulation->Semester 5