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Informatique et Mathématiques appliquées
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First year (bachelor)
Second year (master 1)
- 4MMTF4:Financial Theory3.037.5
- 4MMDF:Financial diagnostic1.512.0
- 4MMSM:Strategy and marketing1.521.0
- 4MMPSAF4:Stochastic Processes with application in Finance2.553.5
- 4MMIFEE:1.518.75
- 4MMIPD4:Introduction to derivative products2.535.25
Third year (master 2)
- WMMA531P: Financial risk management I1.7518.0
- WMMF430:Monte-Carlo methods in financial engineering1.87518.0
- WMMFB40:Real-time and heterogeneous data processing3.7536.0
- WMMFA10:Fianancial mathematical programmation project3.7536.0
- 5MMCPA:Advanced parallel computing1.7518.0
- WMMF221:Accounting for financial instruments1.87518.0
- 5MMCAW:Web-application building3.536.0
- 5MMMSF:Statistical methods for finance1.7518.0
- WMMFA41:Advanced Monte Carlo methods1.87518.0
- WMMFA42:Time series analysis1.87518.0
- WMMFA40:Partial differential equations for finance1.87518.0
- 5MMPFTC:Principles of continuous time finance2.024.0
- 5MMMNAF:Advanced numerical methods in finance1.7518.0
- WMMF331:Parallel computing for financial applications1.7518.0
- 5MMGDRF2:Dynamic Management of Financial Risk 21.7518.0
- WMMFB10:Portfolio choice and performance measures1.87518.0
- 5MMIF3:Sophisticated financial intruments1.7518.0
- 5MMFMCS3:Mathematical bases for stochastic calculus1.7518.0
- WMMF311:Microstructure of Financial Markets3.7536.0
- WMMF232:International Finance1.87518.0
- WMMFB30:Sophisticated financial intruments1.87518.0
- WMMF241:Bank management: risks, regulation and ethics3.7536.0
Université Grenoble Alpes